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You Are What You Eat!!


1. Plants, Superfoods, Sprouting and Fermentation

Drink water and lots of it. Flavor it with Himalayan salt to replenish mineral. Flavor it with Nutralite twist tubes 2 GO, if you don’t like water. (These improve your immunity and add flavor to the plain water.) But AVOID Dairy, alcohol, juices, and:

  • Eat colorful foods/vegetables and fruits
  • Eat superfoods: Kelp, Turmeric, Dulce etc.

2. Clinical supplementation with PURE BIOAVAILABLE pharmacy grade products

All supplements are NOT created Equal. “Professional Grade “means that the quality and purity of the supplement are beyond question and are tested many times during the production process.

So it is extremely important to use: 

Supplements which have been formulated based on scientific research and are thoroughly tested in a clinical testing. The difference is simple: quality, absorbability, and standards that are approved by the United States Pharmacopeia guaranteeing in excess of 99% of ingredients stated on the bottle. Bioavailability i.e. absorbability is typically much higher in a pharmaceutical grade vitamin.

Over-the-counter supplements can be CONTAMINATED with fillers and not the active ingredients. Store grade vitamins, which are the most consumed, must only contain 20% of what they say they contain. They typically contain all the ingredients per batch, not per capsule.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements should be recommended to be taken under physician supervision and should be:

  • Non –GMO, Kosher, and Contain no harmful fillers, coatings, artificial flavor, free
  • From yeast, corn, gluten, and other preservatives.

Supplements are primarily recommended for: 

  • Adrenal Support
  • Anti-Aging /Longevity
  • Bone Support/Joint Health
  • Cardiovascular
  • Detoxification
  • Digestive Support
  • Probiotics
  • Weight loss
  • Inflammation.

What are Dr. Desai's favorite supplements?  

Digestive Enzymes: Supports Healthy Digestion and Maximizes Nutrient Absorption, Targeted Enzyme Support for Food Sensitivities, Supports Gastric Acid Balance and Digestive Function. Take before each meal.

Estro Dim: Studies show by taking 13C and DIM can benefit estrogen metabolism and support endocrine balance for optimal health.

Mito-core/Mens Pack or Women's Pack: Support immune function, increase antioxidant protection, support detoxification, also a great multivitamin. 

Ortho Biotic/Probiotics: Maintains GI balance, increases gut immunity, supports bowel regularity, supports digestion and micronutrient absorption. 

Orthomega/Alpha Lipoic Acid/COQ10: maintains bone and dental health, increases calcium absorption and balance, boosts immune activity, supports cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance, weight loss, and helps increase musculoskeletal strength and comfort. 

Turmeric: for the brain, antioxidant and immune system health support the day's natural defense; contains beneficial flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidants that help fight cell-damaging free radicals. 

Vitamin D3: maintains bone and dental health, increases calcium absorption and balance, boosts immune activity, supports cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance and weight loss. 

Weight Loss Twist Tubes 2GO: natural flavoring of water to support your immune system and add flavor to plain water. Enhances drinking water. 

Heart Health Omega: supports normal blood sugar lipid levels, healthy blood flow, and optimal heart health. 

Carb blocker: a natural supplement that helps in weight loss through inhibiting the digestion of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates. 

All Plant Protein: All vegetarian plant-based protein powder provides easy-to-digest, balanced amounts of nine essential amino acids to support energy, muscle and heart health. Low calorie, high protein shakes using this powder help with weight loss. 


At your first appointment, we can go over further information on everything listed above and other essential supplements, as recommended by Dr. Desai. You can read more about the benefits here. 

To purchase the supplements visit our online store or come into the practice. 






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