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Preventative Gynecology


Dr. Kalpana Desai and her highly trained professional staff offer personalized Gynecology Preventative Annual Exams to women of all ages. The services we provide address the individual needs of our patients. We offer complete wellness and preventive care, routine GYN services, gynecologic diagnosis, and treatments.

Dr. Kalpana Desai believes that women of all ages should have yearly, routine gynecological exams to ensure optimal health and disease prevention. Dr. Kalpana Desai provides high-quality, patient-centered care and treatment that her patients have trusted year after year.

Dr. Kalpana Desai strives to develop long-term relationships with their patients through many years of quality patient care. State-of-the-art comprehensive women’s health care is available from Dr. Kalpana Desai and her staff.

We suggest that every woman have an annual preventative exam. Through Dr. Kalpana Desai our patients receive expert evaluation and treatment services in a comfortable environment.


Dr. Kalpana Desai provides routine annual exams including:

  •  Breast and pelvic physical exams
  •  Pap smears and other laboratory and imaging studies as needed.
  •  Contraceptive / birth control selection
  •  HPV vaccinations for adolescents and young adults
  •  Assessment and management of pelvic infections, endometriosis and other common as well as complex problems of the female urinary and reproductive tracts.

Moreover, Dr. Kalpana Desai provides management and treatment options for menstrual problems like heavy bleeding and PMS; Management and treatment options for the symptoms of menopause; and General gynecologic surgery, such as hysterectomy, as well as procedures using minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and endometrial ablation.

Annual exams with your gynecologist are important for detecting possible abnormalities and treating them quickly. Annual appointments also provide you an opportunity to discuss any issues you may be having and ask questions. To schedule your next annual exam please contact us at 352-259-6949.

We also accept most major insurance plans.


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